Talking About Crawlspace Repairs

  • Three Ways To Make Gutter Cleaning Easier

    27 December 2016

    A house, or any building for that matter, cannot go without gutters. Gutters help protect the roof and the foundation from excess water. However, gutters notoriously get clogged up with dirt, silt, and leaves, leaving you to clean up a mess. If you want to make this job easier, and possibly even safer, here are a few solutions that can help. Oil the Gutter Channels If you do not mind standing on a ladder for a while, you can do an initial cleaning of the gutters and then literally oil them while you are up there.

  • What To Do When Your Electric Furnace Won't Shut Off

    1 December 2016

    If your electric furnace stays on, and the thermostat won't reach the temperature you set it to, you may wonder if you should call a heating specialist for help. Although you can contact a local contractor for assistance, you can follow some simple tips to solve your furnace's problem yourself. The problem can actually be as simple as unblocking the cold-air return vents in your floors to changing your furnace's air filter.

  • Construction, IBC Containers, and Freeze Prevention: How It Works

    7 November 2016

    IBC containers used in construction often contain materials that need to be kept above a certain temperature. There is less concern about freezing in the southern half of the United States than there is in the northern half, but freeze prevention should still be considered. Materials like water only need to be exposed to desert cold for a few hours before ice crystals begin to form. Other liquid materials may have similar properties and susceptibility to cold.

  • Creating A Vacation Rental Private Bedroom? Make It Rent Ready By Hiring An Electrician

    21 October 2016

    When homeowners have a bedroom to spare, they often turn it into a space that gets used every once in a while or make it an additional storage space along with the attic and garage. If you have no desire to transform the room into anything and you do not need more storage, you can financially benefit from making it a vacation rental that you rent out as a private bedroom.

  • A Guide To Water Damage Risks, Prevention, And Waterproofing

    3 October 2016

    In order to protect your house, you need to make sure that you do your best to keep it dry. Nature's elements can begin to take a toll on your building if you do not keep it in check. Excess moisture due to rain, humidity, swelling, and other issues affect 60 percent of homeowners in the form of basement moisture damage. There are some things you can do and consider to prevent your building from dealing with this sort of damage.

  • Tips For Quieting A Noisy Garage Door

    12 September 2016

    Although garage doors aren't known for being silent, they don't have to be excessively noisy, either. If your home has a garage and the garage door has become a nuisance in its noisy operation, you don't necessarily have to just live with it. Understanding what makes a garage door noisy and what you can do about it may allow you to quiet things down. Here are some things you should know.

  • It's All Gone to Pot: Repair Potholes in Your Paved Road or Driveway

    24 August 2016

    Have you noticed that your driveway or road is bumpier than usual? Damaged pavement is a likely culprit, and the damage that potholes cause can be significant. When it comes to paving maintenance, it pays to address these situations sooner rather than later. Some tips for repairing your driveway and preventing damage to your vehicles are found below. Catch the cracks. Catch the cracks in your pavement early to prevent them from becoming potholes later.

  • Plan A Backyard Barbecue To Celebrate Your Recent Promotion

    20 July 2016

    If you will be throwing a backyard barbecue in the near future to celebrate your recent promotion at the office where you are employed, consider including the following ideas in your plans to help provide yourself, your friends, and family members with an enjoyable time. Dunking Booth And Bull Ride Rent a dunking booth and inflatable bull ride from a company that rents out items for parties. The crew from a rental company will help set up the items that you select and will instruct you on how to use each one.

  • 3 Tips To Protect A Senior With Dementia From In-Home Fires

    20 July 2016

    If you have an aging loved one who is showing signs of dementia, you might be concerned about him or her being harmed in the home, such as by a fire. As a senior becomes more and more forgetful due to the progression of his or her dementia, it can be common for he or she to be put in potentially dangerous situations. Luckily, following a few tips can help you protect your loved one from a potential fire.

  • Two Signs That Your Electrical Socket Needs Professional Assistance

    30 June 2016

    The electrical system in your home is an absolute necessity when it comes to powering your lights and appliances. But while your electrical system is important, it can also be quite dangerous. Specifically, if the system is not working correctly, then a fire can start in your home. Around 45,000 to 55,000 home fires each year are attributed to electrical failures and malfunctions. This means you need to be diligent about pinpointing signs that may signify a home electrical issue.