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8 Critical Signs You Need A Sump Pump Replacement

by Clinton Stone

A many as 37% of US homeowners have suffered losses due to water damage costing as much as $27 thousand in flooding. One preventative measure for sending water away from the home's foundation is the sump pump installation.

In this article, we identify 8 major signs your sump pump needs to be replaced and how to hire sump pump installation services.

What is a Sump Pump?

A basin called a sump pit collects water in the lowest part of your home, usually the basement. A sump pump sits in this basin to pull water away from your foundation and into the wastewater line. There are two main types of sump pumps: submersible and pedestal. Then there are battery-powered and water-powered backups.

A submersible pump is submerged inside the closed sump pit. These are usually quieter. A pedestal pump is used when the sump pit is too small or in a narrow space. Backups come in handy when you have a power outage or the main pump fails. 

How To Tell if your Sump Pump Needs Replacement

Your sump pump works overtime in the rainy season. Sump pumps fail for many reasons the most common of which are frequent power outages. The pump is hooked directly into your home's power. Blackouts and power surges increase the chances of an electrical short. Other reasons include improper installation, lack of maintenance, or a stuck float switch. When these failures happen, your home's foundation floods leading to mold and structural problems.

Here are 8 critical signs your need a sump pump replacement:

  1. It's older than 7 years
  2. The pump is making loud noises
  3. The pump is constantly running
  4. There is visible rust or an accumulation of rust-colored bacteria clogs the line
  5. The motor fails or gets stuck from sucking up sediment
  6. Pump cycles on and off frequently
  7. Your basement is constantly flooding
  8. The pump is too small for the pit or the water table under your home

How to Hire Sump Pump Installation Services

If your building is constantly flooding, your sump pump may need replacing or installation in another area. This involves moving the entire sump pit. When hiring sump pump installations services, check that your contractors have provable experience, references, insurance, and the proper certifications.

Not all states require contractors to have a license if the job is under the $50 thousand mark. Some cities, however, require some certifications to operate. Check with your local governing body to discern if your contractor or plumber can operate legally in your area.

Your sump pump should receive maintenance every 3 to 4 months, more frequently if you live in an area prone to flooding. Routine maintenance is key to protecting your home or building's foundation from water intrusion. Hire a quality contractor with a proven track record, that understands waterproofing measures, understands sump pump installation, and is familiar with the water tables in your area.