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3 Important Considerations When Having A New Septic System Installed

by Clinton Stone

A septic system is very important when you're building a new home or commercial building. Even though septic systems might not seem too complicated, there are actually various considerations that have to be thought about when one of these systems is being installed. If you're wondering about the types of considerations that have to be kept in mind when these systems are being designed and installed, think about these three main considerations that should not be ignored.

1. Size

Size is one major thing that has to be thought about when a septic system is installed. The size of a septic tank is typically based off of things like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in a home and the number of people who will be living in the home. If you're having a septic system installed for a commercial building, then the size of the building and the intended use of the building will generally be taken into consideration. After all, a small home that is only going to house a couple or a small family generally isn't going to need as big of a septic tank as a much larger home that will be housing a big family.

2. Placement

Another important consideration that has to be thought about when a septic system is installed in placement. The septic tank will need to be installed in a place where it is out of the way and where there is plenty of room for an appropriate drainfield, for example. The placement of the lines and pipes leading to the septic tank will matter, too; for example, those lines will need to be installed in a way that they will not be impacted by trees and their root systems.

3. Local Codes

Septic systems are typically handled pretty carefully because of their potential impact on the environment and the people who live in the area. Because of this, there might be a lot of local codes and regulations that have to be thought about during the planning and installation stages of the project. Your septic system installation contractor should definitely keep local building codes and regulations in mind when setting up your system to avoid potential problems both now and later on.

Septic systems can be set up in all different ways. How they are set up depends on a lot of different factors. The three considerations above are some of the main things that should be taken into consideration when a new septic system is being installed. However, your septic system contractor will probably have to take a lot of other things into consideration when planning for your septic system installation, too. Contact septic system installation companies like Hastings Construction INC. to find out more and to get started with the planning for your project.