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3 Essential Things To Do After A Storm Damages Your Roof

by Clinton Stone

Do you have a roof that leaks? Did this start as a result of a recent storm that blew through your area? Although annoying, storm-caused leaky roofs are fairly common things, among homeowners. But as common as they are, you might not have had to deal with this situation, before. This can make it hard to know exactly what to do. A few of the first things you should do immediately may be as follows:

Contact your insurance company: Because you'll need to follow the insurance company's policies exactly in order to get reimbursed, they should be the very first people you contact about your roof being damaged. Depending on your homeowner's insurance policy, there's a good chance that the full cost of storm damage roof repair is going to be covered by the insurance company. Even if it's not fully covered, it's often covered partially. Sometimes they will want a specific company to come out and give an estimate, but allow you to use whatever company you want to perform the actual repairs.

Call multiple companies: Companies that offer storm damage roof repair can have drastically different costs for exactly the same work being performed. In addition, depending on how bad the storm was, some companies may already be completely booked up until next month, while others have a few slots open. The more companies you get an estimate from now, the easier it will be to decide whether you want to go with a particular company because they cost a little less or with another company because they have an available slot open sooner. When getting an estimate, make sure that the estimate covers everything so that you won't be surprised by the bill at the end.

Ask for a roof covering: Once you know who you're going to use as your storm damage roof repair company, ask them to come back out to cover the damaged area until it can be fixed. They will cover it with a tarp or a plastic sheet, preventing rain and other precipitation from leaking into your home. This will stay in place until your actual repairs can begin. It's obviously not a permanent solution but can be surprisingly effective at doing the job, while you wait for the pre-appointed date for your roof repairs to begin.

A damaged roof can add stress to life. Fortunately, there are solutions available. If you or someone you know is in need, contact a local storm damage roof repair professional.