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Why Your Boiler Is NOT Your Hot Water Heater

by Clinton Stone

You would be surprised at how many people think a boiler is a hot water heater. It is easy to see how you might get the two confused. However, once you understand what a boiler does and what a hot water tank does, you know they are not the same. When it comes to tankless water heaters, there seems to be even more confusion, but the following will definitely straight out all of the above. 

It Is Confusing Because of What These Appliances Do

​A boiler boils water to turn it into steam and create heat. A hot water heater boils water, but it holds onto the hot water until a faucet is turned on and you want hot water for something. A tankless water heater only heats water as needed, and it only heats water when you turn on the faucet. It does not hold onto the water like most hot water heaters, and it does not turn the water into steam for any reason either. As you can see, all three heat water, usually to boiling or above, and use that water for a specific purpose. However, the purposes between water heaters and boilers is quite different. 

​All of These Appliances Use Gas or Electricity

​Some people might also get the water heaters confused with boilers because all of these appliances require electricity or gas to operate. Each needs its own hookup to the fuse box or to the incoming gas lines in your home. When you see both appliances connected to the same power source, you may be confused as to why they are two separate appliances or two appliances that operate independently of each other but use the same power/fuel source. 

​The Water in Your Boiler Is Too Hot for Anything Else

​The water in a boiler creates steam to warm your home. To get water to the point that it becomes steam requires a point just above boiling temperature. That is far too hot to bathe, wash dishes, wash clothes, etc., which means that you cannot use the water in the boiler for anything else but heat. Furthermore, the water in your boiler never exits the appliance through a pipe. It only comes out as steam through radiation into your home. 

​You Can Only Get Hot Water for Personal Use from Your Hot Water Tank

​It goes without saying, then, that you can only get hot water for bathing and washing from a hot water heater. You can only control how hot your water for washing is when the water is in a hot water heater (tankless or with a tank). The temperature gauge on a hot water tank is meant for controlling the temperature of the water, while the hot water gauge on a boiler only tells you how hot the water inside the boiler is. 

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