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Choosing The Right Bricks And Mortar For Your Home's Brick Repair Job

by Clinton Stone

Brick is a durable building material that needs little care. However, when you own a brick home, you'll probably need to have brick repairs done at some point even if it's just to a few bricks that have damage or to areas where the mortar is crumbling. Prompt repairs are important when it comes to brick so water can't leak through the cracks and make the condition worse. Here are some considerations involved in replacing mortar and damaged bricks.

Matching The Brick Color

The older your home is, the harder it is to find matching materials. That's because bricks change as they age, and manufacturers may stop production on certain brick styles. If you're having a loose brick repaired and the brick is in good shape, use the same brick so you won't have a color-matching problem. If the brick is cracked or damaged, it might take some time to find another brick of the same size, color, and texture, especially if the original brick maker is no longer in operation.

A brick of a different color will be quite noticeable on your home, so finding a close match is important. If you can't find an exact match, then find one with the same size and texture because it might be possible to blend in a different color with stain. You may also find it difficult to buy a small number of bricks at a time, so working with a brick repair company to find the best replacement bricks could be the best option.

Choosing The Mortar

Another situation you may run into with brick repair is the type of mortar to use. If you have an older historic home, the mortar could be made of sand and lime. Newer homes often use a cement-based mortar. Your repair expert may want to use the same type of mortar, and it might even be necessary to have a sample of your mortar analyzed so the right material can be chosen. Different types of mortar behave in different ways as they respond to the expanding and shrinking of old bricks, so using the mortar chosen during the original construction of your home might be important.

Brick repair usually isn't a quick job because planning has to go into choosing the right materials to do the work right. Once the best materials are chosen, repairing bricks is a matter of digging out the old mortar and replacing it with new mortar using the proper technique that ensures longevity and protection against water leaking.

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