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4 Approaches To Gutter Repair Based On The Level Of Damage

by Clinton Stone

Gutters are the second-most important feature on your home. They assist your roof with protecting your home from excessive water damage. When your gutters are damaged, you should repair them right away. Here are four approaches to gutter repair based on the level of damage.

1. Reattachment

Hanging, swinging, and loose gutters only generally need reattachment. A roofer climbs a ladder and tacks up the loose gutter sections with nails, or with roofing J-hooks. Unless the gutters are bent, twisted, or dented, reattachment is all that is needed.

2. Curing Dents and Bents

When a section of gutter is dented, the roofer removes it from your home and lays the section of gutter on a level surface. Then he/she uses a hammer to tap out the dents. If the gutter is slightly bent, the gutter is clamped down on both sides of the bent section and a rubber mallet taps out the bent part to straighten it.

3. Curing Twists

Gutters are made of either galvanized aluminum or vinyl. Twisted sections of gutter usually end up being cut behind the twist to remove the twisted, broken, and/or torn area ahead. When cut straight at this juncture, the undamaged section can stay on the roof, while a new section of gutter is added to the roof and welded or bolted to the remaining older section. Since twisted sections of gutter often result with part of the gutter hanging and/or on the ground, this approach at least saves the part of the gutter that is still attached to the roof.

4. Gutters That Are Completely Gone

When gutters are completely torn off a roof and are not in decent shape to put back, onsite seamless gutter extrusion is the perfect remedy. This is a machine that crafts one long, durable, seamless stretch of gutter right in your own yard. The roofing contractor then takes that gutter and installs it on your home. The best part is that seamless gutters never leak. They provide even more protection to your roof than the gutters you just lost.

If you know what kind of gutter service you now need based on the above descriptions, start looking for a contractor. Gutter repair may seem like an inexpensive repair, but you might be surprised at the cost estimate range you get for exactly the same service. Hire the one gutter repair service that fits your budget and needs best.