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Two Reasons Why You May Keep Having Clogged Drains

by Clinton Stone

Dealing with a clogged drain can be a major annoyance. It seems that no matter what you do, the water just refuses to evacuate the bowl. You're forced to use at-home remedies to remove the blockage so you can get back to using the sink. Although it's not at all uncommon for this to happen every once in awhile, it shouldn't be a regular occurrence. If it is, something that you're doing could be causing the problem. If you've gotten in the habit of performing the following actions; don't beat yourself up about it. Just know that it may be the reason why you keep having clogged drains.

Pouring Grease Down The Drain Is A No-No

Some people think that pouring grease down the drain isn't a big deal. As long as they run hot water while they are pouring the grease, they assume that the heat from the water will melt the grease and let it exit the pipes with no problem.

However, no matter how many other individuals you may know who do this, you need to understand that it is a definite no-no. That grease which appears to be a liquid while you're pouring it can quickly solidify once it has entered the drain. As you pour more and more grease down the drain, the fats and oils get even thicker and eventually create a blockage that can't be removed without professional assistance.

A better practice is to let the grease solidify in the refrigerator until it becomes a solid. Once it has done so, scoop the mass into a bag and throw it away. If you're dealing with a type of grease that doesn't harden, pour it into an unused bottle and screw the cap on. Once the bottle is full, go ahead and throw it in the trash.

Strands Of Hair Could Be The Culprit

Do you have strainers over the drains in your home? If not, just brushing your hair at the sink each day before work could be the culprit behind the clogs that keep popping up. The hair can easily accumulate just beneath the drain and end up causing a big clog that nothing can seem to get around.

If the information above resonates with you, now is the time to make a change. Just by switching up your behavior a bit you can rid your house of those annoying clogs for good. To learn more, contact a company like West Sound Plumbing Service.