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How to Patch Asphalt Cracks

by Clinton Stone

One of the main problems with asphalt, no matter how well it is installed, is the fact that it is going to crack over time. These cracks can be caused by impact, or from soil shifting underneath the slab. Regardless of what causes your cracks, you probably want to fix them as soon as possible, if only to cover them up and restore the nice black finish. This article explains how you can repair small cracks in asphalt surfaces.

Use a Cold Asphalt Mixture

Some people both think that asphalt repair is difficult because they need to use hot asphalt mixture. However, hot formula is not necessary for simply patching small cracks. In fact, hot formula asphalt should only be used when it comes to the original pouring of a large asphalt slab. Instead, you can use cold formula asphalt patch. This is much cheaper and easier to work with. You can find cold formula patch at just about any home improvement store. It has similar consistency to silicone caulk, except it is even stickier and a little more difficult to work with.

Fill the Cracks

Basically, the process of filling cracks only involves three simple steps. Make sure you have rubber gloves and putty knife before you begin the project.

The first step is to clean out the crack as well as possible. Any dirt or weeds growing out of the crack are only going to be detrimental to its strength. You can usually clean the crack thoroughly by just sweeping it out. But, you can also use a heavy duty shop vacuum to suck dirt out from deep within the crack. The second step is to apply the patch into the damaged area. Finally, use a putty knife to spread the patch around and completely cover the crack. That is, you also want to spread the patch onto the top of the asphalt.

Your patch should be several inches wider than the crack on either side of it. Some people go a step further and tape off the asphalt in order to create cleaner lines. Regardless, your main goal should be to completely cover the crack.

Of course, you newly patch cracks are going to be noticeable because the color won't perfectly match. But it is probably better to have a noticeable patch them to have a noticeable crack that can also be a trip hazard and can grow over time.

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