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Why A Video Well Inspection Is Beneficial To Homeowners

by Clinton Stone

Homeowners often enjoy installing wells because they provide them with a supply of clean and delicious water. However, various problems can severely impact a well, such as invasion from roots. That's why it is important to consider an inspection process and its many benefits:

Few People Consider Well Inspection

The average homeowner with a well probably rarely thinks of problems that could affect it. For example, a recent study found that 80 percent of all water well owners had never gotten maintenance inspection. As a result, many problems can impact a well, such as bacterial infection, broken walls, and much more.

Many of these problems can be dangerous to the health of homeowners and their families. For example, bacteria in drinking water can spread diseases. That's why it is important to get a video well inspection performed regularly to ensure that they aren't suffering from severe damage.

The Nature Of A Video Well Inspection

A video well inspection uses a camera mounted on an extended pole. This camera is then snaked through the pipes to the well to check it for various problems. For example, it can gauge problems with well casing integrity, find surface water deposits, test for bacterial infection, and even test the water level in the well to ensure it is as high as possible.

A good check like this should be performed at least once or twice a year. This fact is especially true of older wells that may be more susceptible to damage or wear. Performing them regularly also helps streamline well maintenance procedures in a beneficial way.

How Regular Maintenance Benefits You

While video review is a significant first step towards protecting a well, it isn't the only one to take. For example, a homeowner can have new pipes installed if old ones are getting worn down on the sides. Preventative maintenance is another step to take that is easier to make with video inspection. For example, a $150 check and a $200 repair procedure may help protect against a $2,000 or more replacement process.

Video inspection can also help gauge the output of a well, including its discharge and draw down time. Discharge measures the water pulled from a pump over a period. Draw down is the measurement of the distance it takes to pump water from a well. Understanding these aspects make it easier to check for other problems, such as algae growth.

Many other types of maintenance procedures are possible. For example, homeowners can add various additives to the water to ensure that the sides of the well are strong. With the help of video well inspection, it is possible to avoid serious problems that could otherwise impact a home.

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