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Building A Home When A Family Member Has MS? Tips To Build It So They Are Comfortable

by Clinton Stone

If you are building a home, you can customize it any way you want to. Because you have a family member that has MS, this ability is very important as you can customize it to fit them so they can be comfortable in their own home. Below are some tips to help you get started.

Install Grab Bars in Bathroom

Your family member will eventually have problems walking if they do not already and will likely be in a wheelchair at some point. This can make it very difficult for them when they use a bathroom. To help, install grab bars in different areas such as:

  • On each side of the toilet to help them sit down and stand up.
  • At least two in the shower/bathtub—this will not only help them get in and out but they can also grab onto them while they are in the shower, if needed.
  • Next to the door so they can use it when they enter and exit the room.

There are many types of grab bars you can choose from. For example, there are permanent grab bars made of metal or plastic. There are also suction cup grab bars if you do not want to install them permanently. They come in different colors and finishes so you can match them with your bathroom.

Make Stairs Easy

If your home is more than one story, you can outfit the stairs with an electric chair, also known as a stair lift. This will take them down or up the stairs. There are both straight stair lifts and curved lifts depending on you the type of staircase you have.

If there is enough room, you can also install a ramp on the stairs. If your family member can still walk well, install handrails on each side of the stairs so they can lean on them, if needed.

Make Entrances and Exits Easy

The exterior doors should be at least 36 inches wide, and the interior doors should be at least 32 inches wide. Make sure you measure their wheelchair to make sure they do not need anything wider than this. You should put an even surface on the floor so the wheelchair can slide right through with no problems.

Your family member may have problems turning knobs. If so, choose knobs that have long levers over twist knobs to make it easier for them to open.

If you need help with your designs, talk with your family member's doctor. They can get you in touch with someone who is experienced at designing homes for people with disabilities. 

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