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Three Ways To Make Gutter Cleaning Easier

by Clinton Stone

A house, or any building for that matter, cannot go without gutters. Gutters help protect the roof and the foundation from excess water. However, gutters notoriously get clogged up with dirt, silt, and leaves, leaving you to clean up a mess. If you want to make this job easier, and possibly even safer, here are a few solutions that can help.

Oil the Gutter Channels

If you do not mind standing on a ladder for a while, you can do an initial cleaning of the gutters and then literally oil them while you are up there. A metal-friendly oil is best so it does not damage the gutters or draw insects (like a vegetable-based oil would). The oil may become tacky as the moisture evaporates from it, but the minute rainwater or melted snow hits it, this rehydrates the oil and makes the gutter channels quite slick. With slick channels, the leaves and other debris are unable to stick and collect, so they are flushed out. The process may have to be repeated after a heavy storm, but it greatly reduces the clogged mess that would otherwise accumulate.

Power Wash Extension

If you want to clean your gutters without ever climbing a ladder and the gutters are not more than two stories off the ground, you could power wash them. You can buy a power wash extension that looks like a shepherd's crook. It delivers water directly into the gutter channel while you are standing on the ground. You just take a step every few seconds, blasting water into the channels and towards the downspouts. The rest is handled by gravity.

Include It in Your Landscaping, Home and Garden Services

If you already have a company providing lawn and garden services, see if this service also offers gutter cleaning. If not, there is definitely a gutter cleaning service, like Mr.Gutter, LLC, near you. This service is often provided by roofing contractors and general contractors. While the pro is up there cleaning your gutters, you may want to see what it would cost to install gutter guards, which would hinder any major collection of silt, rocks, and dirt and reduce the frequency of gutter cleanings. Since the contractor is right there, you may even be able to schedule the installation of gutter guards within the next week to avoid having to clean out the gutters again in the same month or same season.