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Creating A Vacation Rental Private Bedroom? Make It Rent Ready By Hiring An Electrician

by Clinton Stone

When homeowners have a bedroom to spare, they often turn it into a space that gets used every once in a while or make it an additional storage space along with the attic and garage. If you have no desire to transform the room into anything and you do not need more storage, you can financially benefit from making it a vacation rental that you rent out as a private bedroom. It will give someone complete privacy when they are in the room and while they sleep, but they will share the home with you. Hiring an electrician can prepare you for renting it out and making sure it is a safe and enjoyable place to stay.

Ample Electrical Outlets

A minimal number of electrical outlets in the bedroom can certainly cause some issues. People who are traveling are likely to have a number of electrical devices that they need to charge while in the room. So you should consider using an electrician to install one or two outlets at a rate of $75 to $250 each. It is a minor expense for making sure that all of your guests will be able to plug everything in that they want to.

These extra outlets will also make it easier to use them as a whole. Having one next to the bed makes it easy to charge a smartphone while sleeping and still be able to use it as an alarm. An electrical outlet next to a desk in the bedroom is perfect for those who want to charge and use their laptop simultaneously.

Safety Inspection

With a vacation rental, you may not be required to get electrical safety inspections, but you can go above and beyond to make your guests feel comfortable when staying at your place. An annual or biennial inspection in which you place the results in the bedroom will give guests peace of mind. You can even add the results as a picture on vacation rental listings to showcase your dedication to providing a safe home.


It depends on where you are located, but you may be required to put smoke detectors in certain areas. Inside the bedroom is a place where you will definitely want to add one. It is even better when you provide smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house for increased safety.

Putting time and money into electrical services will help you get your bedroom ready for vacationers. For more information, contact local professionals like Chadwick Electric Inc.