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It's All Gone to Pot: Repair Potholes in Your Paved Road or Driveway

by Clinton Stone

Have you noticed that your driveway or road is bumpier than usual? Damaged pavement is a likely culprit, and the damage that potholes cause can be significant. When it comes to paving maintenance, it pays to address these situations sooner rather than later.

Some tips for repairing your driveway and preventing damage to your vehicles are found below.

Catch the cracks. Catch the cracks in your pavement early to prevent them from becoming potholes later. Buy paving filler at a home-improvement store to fill the cracks tightly. After the filler has dried, sand the excess filler from the crack to make your surface smooth and level.  

Watch the weather. Be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations for the paving products that you are using, but usually extremely warm days are not ideal for paving. Asphalt can become soft in the heat or when it is exposed to the sun. Cold, damp days may also cause problems when you are working with paving materials, as the cold and moisture may impact the time the pavement takes to set, dry, and harden.

Fill the holes first. Remove any loose chunks of asphalt or filler material before repairing the pothole. Before you add your asphalt filler to a pothole, line the hole with an inch of sand and another inch of gravel first. Fill the rest of the hole with paving filler until it reaches the surface of your pavement.

Tamping is key. After the hole is filled, you will need to tamp it, which basically means you are gently packing the filler down. You may need to add more filler, as tamping could bring the filler below the surface of your driveway. Keep tamping, and gently sand down any excess to make your surface level.

Call paving pros about sinkholes. Sinkholes are unpredictable and have the potential to cause property damage and bodily harm; don't mess around with these holes. Some sinkholes are the result of an underground cavity in the earth worsening to the point that the soil layer on top of it caves in. Instead of dealing with a sinkhole yourself, promptly call a paving professional to assess the damage and determine if shifts in the earth pose further risk or danger.

Failure to address cracks or potholes in your driveway or on your road can be hazardous to you and any motorist that uses the property. Potholes can do significant damage to the exterior of your car or truck, as well as wreak havoc with your vehicle's suspension. Avoid this hassle by repairing damage to your pavement promptly, and contact a paving professional when you surmise you are dealing with a sinkhole.