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Plan A Backyard Barbecue To Celebrate Your Recent Promotion

by Clinton Stone

If you will be throwing a backyard barbecue in the near future to celebrate your recent promotion at the office where you are employed, consider including the following ideas in your plans to help provide yourself, your friends, and family members with an enjoyable time.

Dunking Booth And Bull Ride

Rent a dunking booth and inflatable bull ride from a company that rents out items for parties. The crew from a rental company will help set up the items that you select and will instruct you on how to use each one. You and your guests can enjoy competing against each other in a relaxed atmosphere. Prepare small prizes for the winners of the competitions, such as personalized plaques, shirts, or other inexpensive items so that guests will fondly remember the party in the future. 

Shaded Dining Section

Prepare a shaded section for you and your guests to eat by setting up a canopy next to where the festivities will be taking place. Arrange patio tables and chairs underneath the canopy and a long table nearby that can be used to hold items that you have prepared for the meal that is being served. Lay out stacks of disposable cups, dinnerware, and utensils so that you will be able to quickly clean up once the celebration is over. 

Fill a cooler with beverages and place it near the tables and chairs so that guests can help themselves to beverages whenever they wish. Set up a barbecue grill next to the canopy and a cart on wheels so that you can easily transport finished food items to the dining area. 

Music And Dance Area

Record a wide range of musical selections to play throughout the celebration. Place speakers and a portable stereo system near the dining area. Lay out some wide pieces of plywood to be used as a dance floor or offer a wide open, grassy area for guests to show off their moves.

Prepare a list of the music that you have recorded and encourage attendees to request songs that they would like to hear. Arrange several lounge chairs around the dance area so that individuals can relax and mingle with other guests if they are not interested in dancing, but would like to enjoy the music.

After some careful planning, you and your guests will have a great time together while celebrating the promotion that you have received due to your hard work and dedication. Contact a business, such as City Rentals, for more information.