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How To Use A Drum Sander To Refinish Your Floor

by Clinton Stone

If you have a solid hardwood floor in your home, you can refinish it and completely change the look of that room. In fact, this is one of the main advantages of investing in a solid floor instead of an engineered hardwood floor. Since the floors made out of thicker, solid planks of wood, you can sand it down and refinish it as often as you need. If you try to do this with engineered floor, you might saying through the top layer and expose the lower layers of composite wood underneath. If you are going to refinish your floor, it is definitely good idea to rent a drum sander. This article explains why you should rent a drum sander and how to use it.

Why Use a Drum Sander

Drum sanders are heavy and awkward to operate, but they will ultimately speed up your job. Of course, you probably don't own one so you will need to rent one. Along with your rental, make sure you have all the proper safety equipment for the job. It is very important that you wear thick work boots (steel toes are best). You'll also need safety glasses and comfortable work gloves to prevent blistering.

Prepping to Use the Sander

Before you even begin to use the drum sander, you need to remove everything from the room. You should also cover the baseboard along the floor. Just covering the baseboard with tape is not sufficient. If this side of the drum sander runs into the baseboard, it will tear right through the tape and possibly gouge baseboard. One easy solution is to cut up cardboard boxes and tape them on tear baseboard for a little bit of padded protection.

How to Operate the Drum Sander

Drum sanders are powerful machines, so make sure you have a strong hold on the handles when you turn it on. Also, be prepared to start moving the sander around as soon as you power up. Don't push the sander in a perfectly straight lines. Instead, push forward small circular motions. This helps blend the sanding and prevents ridges from forming on the floor. Never be stationary when the sander is on. If left in one spot, the sander could create a dip in the floor.  You also need to be careful when powering down the drum sander. As the spinning slows down, the sandpaper can grab the floor and cause it to lurch forward.

Besides these simple guidelines, operating a drum sander is not that difficult. Is well worth renting the machine to speed up your refinishing project. Contact a business, such as J Maintenance Co, for more information.