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3 House Updates That Will Lower Your House's Market Value

by Clinton Stone

Whenever you think of remodeling with the help of a general contractor, perhaps the first two things that pop into your head are, "My house is going to look great," and "This will greatly increase the value of my house." It just so happens that sometimes, especially with great big vanity projects, a remodeling job can serve to work against the value of your home, causing its overall value to plunge the depths. It's great to remind yourself that not every remodeling job will increase the value of your house. So before you start your new project with your contractor try to avoid these four remodeling jobs that will lower your house's market value.

Underground Swimming Pools

Many people believe that swimming pools will exponentially increase the value of their home for one reason and one reason alone: swimming pools can be quite expensive. Excavating and installing a swimming pool can end up costing you more than $21,000. Many people believe this adds an element of luxury to their home.

While swimming pools can be very fun and also very nice, you must also remember that they are expensive to maintain. When a potential buyer looks at your home, he or she is not seeing all of the fun times they could be having around the pool during a summer BBQ, but rather the hours spent cleaning the pool, maintaining it, building a fence around it, etc. Most people see the dollar signs that they're going to have to spend on upkeep.

Room Conversion

Room conversion may prove to be a thorn in your side if you happen to wish to sell your home. Although it might seem like a good idea at the time and it might even fit your particular lifestyle, converting your basement or a portion of your garage space into a renovated room might have adverse side effects when it comes to increasing the overall value of your home. Potential buyers might see these rooms as taking away from additional storage space or decreasing the amount of room that they might have to park their vehicle. In addition, there might be zoning laws that might prevent said rooms from being legal, which will prove to be an extra difficult sell.

Unconventional Paint

When remodeling, you most likely will want to re-paint the walls inside your house. Even if shocking pink with bright green accents appeals to you, remember that it most likely will not appeal to the average consumer. One way that you can lower your home's value is by painting your walls unconventional colors that the average consumer would find unappealing. When re-painting, stick to classic, neutral colors to maintain your home's value.

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