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Six Specialty Tools That You Want In Your Crafting Closet

by Clinton Stone

If you are into crafting, such as jewelry-making or floral design, there are a few tools from a hardware store or site that you should not be without. In addition to the conventional uses and applications, these tools are perfect for creating flower arrangements, crafting jewelry, or other crafts and home interior projects.

Six specialty tools that are ideal for crafting projects include:

Needle-nose pliers.

Anyone who works with beads or jewelry will be glad to have a pair of needle-nose pliers in their crafting closet. The ones sold in hardware stores with other traditional tools work excellently, and are often more durable than the pliers marketed and sold as crafting supplies.


If you want to do any floral design, such as making your own wreaths or centerpieces, a good pair of wire-snips is a must. These make cutting wire so much easier, and they save a lot of wear and tear on your shears or scissors. Look for the rubber-handled kind in hardware venues that prevent your hand from slipping during use.

A box-cutter or utility blade.

Don't struggle with scissors when cutting cardboard, paper, or fabric; visit a hardware store and invest in a decent box-cutter or utility blade. These are quite inexpensive and very sharp, so they can make cutting quick and easy. Plus, you may find it easier to cut straight or along a line with a box-cutter blade rather than bulky scissors.

A rubber mallet.

There will be times when you need something to pound with that won't damage or scratch your project. For instance, putting together wood crafts involves pounding pegs or pieces into place; a rubber mallet is ideal for this task. Look for rubber mallets wherever hammers are sold.

A staple gun.

For crafting projects, a regular desk stapler may not be enough. A staple gun is a great investment and a very useful tool; this is perfect when upholstering furniture or upcycling old furnishings. It is strong enough to go through thick cardboard, and even wood!

High-temperature glue gun.

If you have ever used a low-temperature glue gun intended for crafting, you are aware of how handy they can be. The problem is that this glue may not be adhesive enough for some of your big crafting projects. Look for a high-temperature glue gun in hardware stores for something that is a step-up from the crafting versions, but that is still affordable to purchase.

If you enjoy crafting, you should visit a hardware store, like Bourget Bros Building Materials, or site and pick up these six specialty tools. These are perfect for many tasks associated with making jewelry, flower arranging, and many other crafting projects.