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4 Things To Know About Cleaning Your Rain Gutters

by Clinton Stone

Cleaning your home's rain gutters ensures that rain water drains away from your home. Clear gutters also prevent your home from sustaining water damage. It can also prevent problems with the foundation of your home since it will prevent the rain water from building up around the home causing loose soil to weaken the foundation. This is why you should clean the gutters regularly. Here's what you should know about doing this:

  1. Consider Safety: Always use a ladder when you are going to be cleaning your own gutters. You don't want to chance potentially falling off the roof and becoming seriously injured. This will also be more helpful in the cleaning process anyway. If you aren't comfortable with heights or do not have a durable ladder to use, it's best to call professionals. They will have all the right tools necessary to get the job done quickly and without issues. 
  2. Have the Right Equipment: Having the right equipment for the job is essential to ensuring that you are able to fully clean the gutters. You will want a shovel or special gutter scooper that will help you get all the leaves and other debris sitting on top out. Once that is done, you will want to have your hose up the ladder with you so that you can wash away any debris that is sticking to the bottom of the gutters. You should also be sure to wear work gloves so if you have to use your hands at all to remove debris, you won't accidentally hurt yourself by touching something sharp or getting sick because of the loads of bacteria that is sitting in the dirt.
  3. Tighten the Loose Gutters Along the Way: Over time, gutters can become loose, and you will want to tighten them as best as you can. You will need to have lag bolts with you that you can use to replace any screws that are missing. With tightened gutters, you can be sure that they can hold heavy amounts of rain water. 
  4. Run Water Down the Spouts: Once you get to the spouts, you will want to run water down them with the hose to remove any loose debris. If water begins to back up, you will want to remove the spouts and clean them by hand before reattaching them back in place. 

By knowing these things about cleaning your rain gutters, you can be sure that you get the job done as effectively as possible. For more information, contact a gutter company like A - 1 Seamless Gutters Inc.