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Planting Your Very Own Holiday Tree On Your Property

by Clinton Stone

If you enjoy the Christmas holiday, you may have considered planting a tree on your property to be decorated each year to show your holiday spirit to those passing by your home. Adding an evergreen tree to your yard is not that difficult if you follow steps to ensure its health is protected. Here are some tips to use when planting an evergreen tree on your property.

Select The Best Type

Your climate will have a huge impact on the type of tree that will survive in your yard. Purchase a tree native to your area so that it does not go into shock due to a move into a new habitat. For Northeastern states, a spruce tree would be a great choice. In a milder climate, a cedar or cypress tree would fare better. Take into account the size of the tree as well. You will want to make sure you have ample space for it in later years as it grows. If you are limited on property space, a dwarf evergreen may be a better choice.

Prepare The Tree

After purchasing a tree or digging it from the ground, wrap a wet piece of burlap around the root ball to help keep the tree hydrated during transport. Remove the burlap and place the tree's root ball into a large plastic container filled with water and let it stay in your garage or shed for several days to help acclimate it. Make sure the container has ample water during this wait and fill.

Prepare The Land

Dig a large hole where you plan on placing your evergreen tree. Make sure it is in an area away from other trees to avoid competition in getting enough moisture to survive. Make sure that there are no electrical wires overhead and avoid placing it close to a septic system or well. Fill the hole with water a few days before the tree is to be transplanted. Make sure the hole stays filled with water until you make the move.

You may want to prepare the hole in the autumn in anticipation of planting the tree close to the holidays. Mix some broken up leaves into the pile of removed soil and cover it with a tarp if your area is prone to freezing temperatures. This will act as a mulch when it comes time to place the tree. Wait until a day when temperatures are above freezing and remove the tarp to thaw out the soil.

Placing Your Holiday Tree

Make sure that you have ample help from friends in lifting the tree when it comes time to place it in the ground. Once the tree is upright with the root ball in the hole, have a few people hold it steady while you replace the removed around its stump. After the tree is safely in the ground, water the replaced soil. You will now be able to add festive lights and ornaments to celebrate the holiday outdoors!

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