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Tips For Ensuring Safety With Your Dumpster Rental

by Clinton Stone

One of the things that many business owners overlook is the importance of their waste management process. Although most understand the need for a dumpster on, if you're not proactive about the basic safety considerations, that waste management tool can quickly become a hazard as well. If you're having a dumpster delivered for your commercial property, it's important to tackle the safety concerns right from the start. Here's a look at some of the things that you'll want to be attentive to.

Basic Sanitation

Any time you put a dumpster on your property, you're risking the introduction of bacteria and potentially the attraction of rodents. For that reason, you should stress the importance of basic dumpster sanitation right from the start. Make sure that everyone understands that the dumpsters must be kept closed at all times. The dumpster covers are essential barriers against rodent infiltration.

Also, ensure that anyone cleaning up around the dumpster wear gloves at all times. Pressure wash the area around the dumpster regularly to eliminate any spills or messes on the pad beneath, because those can also be breeding grounds for bacteria.

Injury Prevention

Identify those staff members who will be responsible for delivering waste material to the dumpster and hold a basic injury prevention session. Teach all of those employees about proper lifting techniques, because emptying waste containers into the dumpster can cause back injuries if not done properly. Also, choose waste containers that can't be overstuffed, because that helps to limit the weight of the waste receptacles before they're emptied into the dumpster.

Fire Safety

The very first thing to consider is basic fire safety. This means being selective about where you have your new dumpster placed. If it's too close to the building, you're increasing the risk that a dumpster fire could potentially spread to the building. Instead, choose an open area on your property that's far enough away from the building that flames from a dumpster fire won't threaten the main structure. Make sure that your employees don't pile up anything like cardboard or other flammable materials around the outside of the dumpster, either. Those are serious safety hazards and can be fuel for a dumpster fire.

Dumpster rentals are an essential consideration for most every commercial property. With the tips here, not only will you have a handle on your waste management, but you can ensure that your staff is safe at the same time. For more information on dumpster safety, contact a professional service, like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc.