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Garage Door Spring Repairs | Frequent Homeowner Questions

by Clinton Stone

You may use your garage door every day, but of you are like a lot of homeowners, you will barely take note of the door's mechanical working components, especially the garage door springs. the garage door torsion springs are there to serve an incredibly critical purpose. They support the weight of the garage door as it is lowered so that the door does not just slam shut with the force of its own weight. If something goes wrong with the garage door springs, it can be dangerous and frustrating at the same time. Here are a few of the most prevailing homeowner questions about garage door springs.

How will you know that the garage door springs are broken?

When the garage door springs are broken, the garage door will be nearly impossible to raise, as there will be nothing supporting the weight of the door. If you are nearby when the garage door springs break, you will also likely hear a loud springy pop. 

Why do garage door springs break?

The garage door springs can become faulty for various reasons. If a door gets continually jammed, for example, it will put excess stress on the springs. Additionally, extreme changes in the temperature inside of the garage can have a negative effect on the flexibility of the springs. 

Can you replace the garage door springs on your own?

Replacing the garage door springs is not your average DIY repair job and can be incredibly risky. The springs are tightly tensioned; therefore, having one slip out of place while you are trying to make repairs can be dangerous. Plus, the door will have to be held open while the repair or replacement is taking place and with some garage doors weighing hundreds of pounds, this in itself can prove to be difficult. 

How much does spring replacement cost?

On average, repairs made to a garage door is not all that expensive. However, replacing the springs is a little more entailed than just general maintenance repairs and can be slightly higher. In the end, you should expect the replacement or repair to cost around $300. 

Even though you may rarely pay attention to your garage door springs, the fact is, they should be getting some looks on occasion. It is always a good idea to have a professional (such as one from American Eagle Garage Door Services) come out and do an annual maintenance check on your garage door, which will include a thorough inspection of the torsion springs that are in place.