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The Living Roof | Understanding The Environmental Benefits Of Green Roofing Systems

by Clinton Stone

If you were to take a helicopter ride over the business district of a large city, you may be surprised to find how many businesses actually have a green roof system in place. As a business owner, you may be thinking that a green roof is just something that would not be logical for your business. However, there is a lot more to a green roof system than what meets the eye. And when you find out about the environmental benefits that can be reaped, you may see things a little differently. 

Rainwater Management Is Made Easy 

In congested areas, all of the rain that can come down throughout the year has nowhere to go because there is little natural ground for absorption. This means that an incredible amount of water is left to fill storm drains and flood city streets where it can be a travel hazard for drivers. Green roofs naturally absorb large amounts of rainfall into the natural layers of dirt and sod. Therefore, there is no rain runoff to cause any issues in the area. Plus, the water is naturally consumed by the plants and evaporated back into the environment. 

High-Efficiency Reduces Carbon Footprint

Green roofs are incredibly efficient because they offer several natural and synthetic layers of insulative materials on the roof of a building. Regular roofs do not do the same and are nowhere near as economically sound. As a business owner, this means a reduction in heating and cooling expenses, more comfortable employees, and a more environmentally friendly business overall. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, reduced energy usage means less greenhouse gases as well. 

Adding Value to the Environment 

Not only do green roofs look nice because of their natural features, they act as a habitat for insects and birds, which is something that may not be readily available in urban areas. Additionally, plants release oxygen back into the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide, which can be a huge issue in the city. Solar radiation is another huge issue in the city. This solar radiation is also naturally absorbed by natural plants and soil of a green roof.

In Conclusion: What Could All of This Mean for Your Business? 

Adding an environmentally conscious feature to your business like a green roof could be one of the most intelligent choices you make. This kind of change reflects a good impression of your company as a whole and even helps you save money as a bonus. If you believe that a green roof system would be right for you, talk to a commercial roofing contractor such as about what your options may be. 

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