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Problems And Solutions For Noisy Garage Doors

by Clinton Stone

There are few things more annoying than opening the garage door and hearing a loud grinding or squeaking noise. There are times when it can get so bad that the noise is ear piercing. Not only is this very annoying, it can also be causing damage to your garage door and garage door opener if you do not find out what the problem is and get it repaired as soon as possible. There are number of things that could be causing the garage door to make loud noises when it is opened and closed. Below are some of these reasons and some quick ways to get them fixed.

1. Loose Chain

a. Loose Chain Problem. One of the most common reasons why a garage door might be loud is because of a loose chain. When the chain is loose it can sag and rub up against the garage door. This creates a loud grinding noise that can be very annoying. The more the garage door is opened and closed, the more likely the chain is to become loose. The only way to fix this problem is to tighten the chain.

b. Loose Chain Solution. Tightening the chain is quite simple. Attached to the garage door is the trolley that goes along the track. Attached to the trolley is the chain that moves to open and close the garage. On the trolley is a bolt that has an inner nut and an outer nut. By loosening the inner nut and then turning the outer nut, you can adjust the tension on the chain.

2. Joints and Springs

a. Joints and Springs Problem. As a garage door is opened and closed, a lot of wear and tear is put on the joints and the springs. Over time, these can begin to get dry and start to rust. This will start to cause squeaking noises. The solution to this problem is also very simple.

b. Joints and Springs Solution. The solution to this problem is to regularly oil the garage door hinges, joints and springs. This will prevent the squeaking noise, but more importantly, these parts will last a lot longer. All of the moving parts of the garage door should be sprayed with a silicone based lubricant.

These are just a few of the different problems that can cause a noisy garage. By taking the proper measures, you can make sure that the noise is not only eliminated, but that the garage door components last a lot longer.

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