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Maintaining Your Water Well To Prevent Water Contamination

by Clinton Stone

 Wells need to be checked every year to identify mechanical issues and to check for cleanliness. As a homeowner, you can perform various forms of maintenance and also inspect your well for signs of damage.

The Cleanliness of the Well

Checking for cleanliness is essential, because some issues can emerge with a water well system that can make the water unsafe to drink. The two most common sources of contaminants for well water is contaminated surface water that makes its way into the well water and septic systems that allow the contaminants to seep into the well water.

You should have your water tested at least once a year to check for contaminants. But, since your water can become contaminated at any time of the year, you should also test the water for contaminants under certain other circumstances. If you notice that the water is tasting funny or your family is suffering from gastrointestinal issues, this is one reason to have your water tested. Also, if someone has recently had a baby, the well should be tested to verify that it is safe.

Another way contaminants can make their way into a water well system is when household chemicals or farming chemicals are kept near the well. These chemicals can escape from their containers and seep into the water. Therefore, you should keep them as far away from the well as possible.

The Well's Durability

If your well experiences mechanical issues, it is best to call a professional for service. Amateurs who try to service their own wells are more likely to break them. For example, if you remove the well cap and try to service the well, there is a risk that you will introduce bacteria to the system. However, you can always check the exterior of the well to make sure that it is not damaged and that the well cover is still properly in place. Also, check the well casing to make sure there are no cracks. Cracked casings often result from working near or mowing around the well. These cracks can make the well less sanitary.

Water wells are not meant to last forever. After 20 years, the well will need to be replaced with a new one. Hire a professional water well installation specialist to have your well installed. Even if you intend to stop using well water, you should have the well sealed, because unused wells can contaminate ground water.

Sites like can give you more information about well installation, inspections and maintenance.