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Four Ways To Remodel Your Pool And Create A Natural Backyard Oasis

by Clinton Stone

The old pool in your backyard may be outdated and not blend into your landscaping. If you want to have your pool be more of a relaxing place, water features and natural designs can be a great addition. You may want to include things like stone decking, aquatic gardens and water features that are integrated into your pool area. Doing these things can make your pool more of a natural oasis where you can relax in your backyard. Here are some things that can be done to your pool to make it more natural and attractive:

1. Creating A More Natural Form Using Pool Designs With Curves

Many pools have a square design to them, which is not very natural looking. If you are remodeling your pool, you may want to consider using curves in the design. To minimize the cost of this, you can create sitting and water areas with the curves. This will allow you to use the existing plumbing and filter systems, but still create a more natural design for your pool.

2. Giving Your Pool A Natural Look Using Stone For Decking And Coping

There are many different types of materials that you can use for your pool decking and coping. Stone is a great material to use to add a natural look to your pool. You can also use it to replace any tile work that is visible in your pool surfacing. Another benefit of stone is that it is very durable and when stone is damaged, it will not be as noticeable as missing tiles.

3. Incorporating Life Into The Design Of Your Pool Area With Water Features

If you want your pool area to be a natural oasis, you may want to incorporate life into the design. This can be done by creating water features with plants and fish that are integrated into your pool design. These can be separate from the swimming area of your pool, but create the illusion that they are attached. You can also use plants to create natural filtration for your pool, which will give you cleaner water that does not need chemical treatments.

These are some things that can be done to make your pool more of an attractive addition to your backyard landscaping. If you need help with these improvements to your pool, contact a swimming pool builders (such as reliant pools) to get the help you need making your pool a natural backyard oasis.