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Wise Homeowner: Tips & Tricks To Care For Your Carpet

by Clinton Stone

You may not know that the fluffy and soft carpet under your feet helps you in more ways than one. It is important to take care of your carpet, and there are a few tips that will help you maintain your carpet.

The Importance Of Carpet Maintenance

The following are just some of the reasons you should keep your carpet in tip-top condition:

  • You may not know this, but the fibers of your carpet have a great R-value. A good R-value means that your carpet will retain heat, which should save you energy costs in colder temperatures. So keeping the fibers of your carpet in the best condition you can may be helpful. 
  • Your indoor air quality may not be too clean. But a clean carpet helps trap pollen, dust, and other allergens within its many fibers.
  • Yes, a carpet does provide a cushion for your feet. And it cushions a slip should you or family ever experience one. What's more is that the fibers of a well-maintained carpet also provide good traction, which helps prevent slipping in the first place.
  • A maintained carpet may also help absorb noises from televisions or your teenager's jam session.

As you can see, taking care of your carpet does matter. And the following simple tips will help you do just that.

How to Maintain Your Carpet

The most important thing to remember about carpet maintenance is cleanliness. So consider the following:

  1. You need to keep dirt and grime out of your carpet. So consider using a doormat to clean your footwear before coming into your home. Or adopt a custom of removing your footwear before entering your home altogether.
  2. Keep your doors or windows closed, unless you have a mesh screen to keep allergens from coming into your home and settling on your carpet.
  3. Make sure you regularly replace the air filter to your air conditioning system to remove air pollutants before they settle on your carpet.
  4. Vacuum regularly and deodorize your carpet to keep it from developing odors. You can do this using a commercially purchased carpet deodorizer, or just sprinkle a little baking soda over your carpet. All you have to do is vacuum up the deodorizer after a few hours.
  5. Make sure you clean up spills and stains as soon as possible. Stains that sit on your carpet longer are harder to remove.
  6. Be sure to have your carpet specialist like Conscientious Carpet Care regularly service your carpet.

The aforementioned tips should help extend your carpet's life, and as you can see, it is worth it.