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5 Tips To Make Your Apartment Complex Safer For Your Tenants

by Clinton Stone

As someone who owns an apartment complex, you are probably interested in keeping your tenants as safe as possible. Plus, you are also probably always looking for ways to make your complex more appealing to potential tenants. One great way to make improvements in both areas if by improving security in and around your apartment complex. Luckily, making these five changes can help keep everyone safe, and you might also attract more tenants after taking these extra steps for improved security.

1. Restrict Access to the Premises

One of the best ways to improve security in your apartment complex is to restrict access. Installing a fence around the complex and putting in a custom gate is a great way to do it. Then, tenants can be required to swipe a card or use a special passcode in order to get in.

2. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are essential for any apartment complex. Install them near the entrances and exits to the apartment complex, in the parking lot and in any community areas. Not only will this help keep tenants safe, but it can also prevent vandalism and theft. Cameras work as an excellent deterrent, and they can also serve as evidence if a crime does occur.

3. Put in Extra Lighting

Lighting is one of the most affordable ways to improve security in your apartment complex, and with the newer energy efficient light bulbs that are out there, the operating costs are sure to be minimal. Install added lighting all throughout the complex, such as along the sidewalks, in the parking area and outside of the apartments.

4. Install Alarms on Each Apartment

Consider installing burglar alarms on each apartment. Tenants are sure to appreciate the added security, and this is a great selling point when you put your apartments up for rent.

5. Consider Hiring a Security Guard

If you have a large complex or are truly concerned about security, consider hiring a full-time security guard. Having someone on the premises can help keep everyone safe, and you'll have someone on hand who will contact you if something goes wrong. Plus, having a security guard working in your complex will help encourage tenants to follow the rules, which can obviously benefit you in other ways as well.

Making your apartment complex safe for your tenants is important for many reasons. Luckily, taking these five steps can help you greatly reduce the chance of crime, which can help your tenants feel safe and can make your apartment complex more appealing to potential renters.