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Selecting An Air Conditioning Unit For Your Small Apartment

by Clinton Stone

The upside of living in a small apartment or condo is the fact that your home needs much less utility usage. With very few rooms and less square feet, it is easier to cool your space than it is a larger home. Regulating of the temperatures and utilities is also a much simpler process. One of the biggest choices that you will have to make is how to provide the air conditioning for your small home. Here are a few tips on how to select and maintain an air conditioner for your minimal, but significant space.

Consider a window unit

If you want to go the easy route when it comes to cooling, consider a window unit for your small space. A window air conditioning unit can be purchased used or brand new in order to get exactly what you want.

There are now thin wall air conditioning units that do not have the same bulk as the older model air conditioners. This means that the window unit will not be very noticeable from the exterior, but will provide all of the interior cooling that you need. An air conditioning repair person can come out to install the brand new unit within a short frame of time. Some units are also floor units that can take up the space close to the wall instead of confiscating any of your window and lighting.

Place your non central AC centrally

Central placement of your air conditioning unit will be critical to making sure than an entire apartment is properly cooled. If you have an open floor plan, this will be a simple task. Place the unit within a living room or the centrally located room in the home. Since the kitchen is one of the most temperature variable rooms in the home, make sure the air can flow directly into the kitchen area. Leave your bedroom and bathroom doors open to allow the cool air to circulate through the entire home and keep the temperature level.

Keep the maintenance up

Though your air conditioning unit may be small, it still needs to be serviced regularly. Each season, your wall air conditioning unit filter needs to be checked. Be sure to look in your filters as the seasons change and purchase a brand new filter when the old one is out of commission. Keeping a single window unit air conditioning home in good condition will insure that it performs to the needs of your small, but enjoyable space.