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Tips For When High-Security Keys And Locks Become High-Stress

by Clinton Stone

Having the best protection from today's thieves means investing in the highest types of security available. Modern car- and home security system manufacturers offer extreme high-security options, but what happens when your high security becomes high stress and frustration? Find out more about how you can open the door when your high-security car keys or home system locks you out with the thieves.

High-Security Keys Do Not Always Have Buttons

Many people assume a high-security car key is one with buttons to push. However, you should know that high-security keys have been used for several years, many keys appearing as a traditional key without buttons. The differences in a high-security key cut are the placement and the type of cutting machine used. Some car manufacturers require you to contact them for acquiring a new set of high-security keys, due to the type of high-tech machines used to cut them. The good news is that because high-security keys and locks have become commonplace, so have locksmith professionals who are able to repair and replace them.

Transponders: The Brains Behind Key Buttons

Transponders are tiny microchips in the fob of many high-security keys. Thanks to transponders and wireless remote technology, you can start the engine of your car from your kitchen on cold mornings. In some car keys using transponders, a dealer must be contacted for key replacement, due to the need for codes to be reset in microchips. Some auto manufacturers will not disclose high-security transponder information to anyone aside from the legal owner of the keys. If you are considering the purchase of a car or other type of lock requiring high-security keys, be sure to find out if the manufacturer will require you to visit a dealer or specially licensed locksmith in the event you get locked out or lose your keys. Doing so could save you a lot of time, money and sheer aggravation.

Your Home Security System And Transponders

The wireless remote system you use to open the gate at your driveway uses a transponder similar to the ones used in car keys. The remote you use to open your garage door also uses transponder technology. If you experience failure in any of these systems, you could end up locked out of your home.  Knowing you already have the contact information for a locksmith offering transponder services is a good feeling when you are locked out, so looking for one before it happens is smart.

While greater technology helps increase the level of security for you and your family, the stress that can come with its successful maintenance and operation can be harrowing, especially during an emergency lockout. Taking the time to locate qualified lock professionals like A-Okay Lock & Key Inc before you have an emergency is the best way to solve any troubles you may have with your high-security locks and keys.