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Tips For New Homeowners To Help Them Choose A Landscape Designer

by Clinton Stone

Are you considering buying a new home? Do you love the house itself, but you hate how the yard looks? Fortunately, a good landscaping designer is able to transform a poor yard into a spectacular one. Here are some things to look for when searching for a landscape designer:

Find someone who listens: There are many bad landscaping designers out there who know exactly what they want for your yard and how they think it should look. They sometimes seem to forget that you are the one that has to live in the home and they are simply paid guests. When discussing your desires with the designer, do they try to talk over you or do they just make a few suggestions? A good landscaping designer will let you do most of the talking at first, before adding in their thoughts and ideas.

Look for someone who has been in the area for years: Gardening in Oregon can be much different than it would be in New Mexico or Florida. The types of plants that will and won't grow in different areas of the country can be vastly different. A landscape designer who has been in the same area for five or ten years is better equipped to know which plants will work with your climate and soil than someone who just arrived from a different area of the country.

Check out their portfolio: A professional landscaping designer will have photos of the work that they've done. Preferably, they should have both before and after pictures of the same area. If the designer has no portfolio to show you, this can be a sign that you may not want to work with them. Checking out their portfolio before officially making an appointment will allow you to see whether their style ideas mesh with your own vision of your new home.

Ask if they have a full staff: Some landscaping designers hire employees on a temporary basis, depending on how large a particular job is. These temporary employees may have little to no real gardening knowledge and could wind up damaging the valuable plants you've paid for. A good designer should have several employees on a permanent basis, with a minimum of 3 to 5 being a good start. These employees will have specialized gardening knowledge, sometimes from training on the job and often from specialized college classes. Because of this training, you can be sure that your expensive and potentially delicate vegetation will be in good hands. For more information, have a peek here.