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What Are The Advantages Of Concrete Flooring And Is It Appropriate For My House?

by Clinton Stone

Once a common fixture in warehouses and unfinished basements, concrete flooring is now making appearances in upscale homes and expensive hotels. Concrete flooring offers versatility, durability and practicality all in one material. If you're thinking about using concrete flooring in your home, consider these benefits as you make your decision.

Easy to Maintain

Concrete floors require very little maintenance. When the floor becomes dirty, mopping with warm water and mild detergent is generally enough to get it clean. Concrete floors also need to be periodically resealed in order to protect the surface. Resealing can be done professionally or by the homeowner. 


While warehouse concrete might be a standard dull gray color, residential concrete comes in a vast range of styles and colors to match any interior decor. Depending on the material used to seal the floors, residential concrete can have a subtle matte finish or a shiny, lustrous surface. Acid can be used to etch textures into concrete, or scoring techniques can be used to carve lines into the concrete's smooth top layer. In addition, a residential concrete stain can be colorful and vibrant or earthy and deep, all depending on the preferences of the homeowner. 


Concrete floors that are properly maintained can last for a lifetime or longer. Concrete is resistant to staining from spills, provided that the sealer is intact and properly applied. Concrete is also resistant to scratches from furniture and pet claws, and will not be dented or damaged by high heels and normal foot traffic. In fact, concrete can stand up to just about any punishment a normal homeowner can dish out--which is what makes it such a suitable material for garages and warehouse floors. 

Low Commitment

Concrete's status as a normal subfloor in many homes means that it can always be covered up by some other flooring material, when the homeowner decides it's time for a change. This makes concrete less of a commitment than many other flooring options. 


Concrete is an extremely affordable option in homes where it's already being used as a subfloor, because no installation is required. To make use of the concrete subfloor, homeowners who wish to keep costs low can tear out the flooring above the concrete and simply pay for the residential concrete staining and sealing. 

Concrete is a beautiful, durable, practical and versatile--all qualities that make it an excellent option for many homes. To find out more about concrete sealing and staining, contact a professional in your area for a consultation and a quote.