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Water Leaks From The Roof: Problems And The Necessary Solutions

by Clinton Stone

If the roof on your home is worn and a risk to your house, it's time to get the experts to your home before you have a serious problem. If you think there is ice accumulation, you need help fast. There are many reasons you want to keep the roof on your home in top condition, and when you replace the shingles it's time to consider other options as well.

The shingles aren't the only important components related with the roof, so you want to consider replacing the gutters, insulation, and the ventilations system at the same time. Here are a few things you want to consider when you get estimates from roofing contractors.

Cause of the Problem

The water could be coming in because there are damaged shingles allowing the water to pass through. It could also be coming in through seams throughout the roof. If the shingles aren't allowing the water to come in, the problem could be caused by condensation in the attic. If the attic isn't properly ventilated, the water may accumulate on the ceiling of the attic and then drop onto the floor, eventually pooling and leaking through the ceiling. Heat trapped inside the attic could also be causing ice dams.

If the gutters aren't working correctly, the water could be overflowing out and into the roof. If water in the gutters freezes, the ice could expand and damage the roofing shingles near the bottom of the roof. All of these are possible culprits to the problem.

The Inspection

The roofing professional is going to check the condition of the shingles, roofing insulation, gutters, and ventilation system. They will be able to tell if the problem is starting inside the roof, or coming from the outside. If they see sand-like particles in the gutters, this means the shingles are worn. If they find that there is ice all around the roof, everything should be replaced.

Replacement Options

If you are going to replace your shingles, fiberglass asphalt shingles are a great affordable option. Ask the contractor about having spray foam insulation sprayed under the roofline, and under the floor of the roof to keep out moisture and pets. Replace the gutters with seamless vinyl options that won't tear or weather, and get screens to cover the top. A new attic fan or roof cable vent can help with ventilation problems. Contact a company like Tingley's Seamless Spouting to see what other options you have.

If you think the winter has brought problems with your roof, talk to a roofing contractor before you have a flooded house, or damaged furniture and housing materials. The sooner you get the damaged repaired, the better.