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3 Hazards Of Leaving A Asphalt Driveway Unrepaired

by Clinton Stone

Asphalt makes for a fairly sturdy driveway with relative longevity compared to other building materials. However, time, weather and use can all take a toll on the asphalt and eventually leave you with cracks and/or sunken sections. The result doesn't look pretty, but you might still be tempted to leave the flaws alone instead of paying to have the driveway redone.

But there are a few reasons you might not want to leave those driveway repairs for a later date.

Water Buildup

If your driveway and yard are at even a slight angle, accumulating rain water can find its way between the cracks of your broken driveway. The cracks can then funnel the water where it doesn't belong, such as directly towards your home's foundation. Flooding around the foundation can lead to basement wetness and erosion of the dirt and building materials, which can compromise the safety of your home.

Even if your yard doesn't have a slant, your broken driveway can cause water buildup problems. If a section of the driveway has sunk due to the erosion of soil underneath, that eroded area is at added risk of pooling water. That water can then further erode the soil, causing the driveway to sink even further and potentially cause safety issues.

Safety Issues

Small cracks in your driveway likely won't cause any safety problems. But large cracks and uneven sections are a different story. Jagged edges can take a toll on your vehicle tires over time and pose a tripping risk for pedestrians.

A single sunken area can eventually cause structural problems for the rest of the driveway. The eroded soil under that section can begin rerouting excess water to underneath the raised sections, which can in turn cause erosion problems under the area of the driveway that seems secure.

 Curb Appeal

You might not mind a broken driveway, but your city, neighbors and potential buyers or renters might think otherwise. Check with city hall and any neighborhood associations you might have to see if you could be violating any rules by leaving an eyesore of a driveway unrepaired.

If you plan to try and rent out the house, the broken driveway might not be a deal-breaker if you aren't planning to charge much for rent. But if you're charging a high price, or planning to list the house with a realtor for sale, then you need to contact a asphalt contractor, such as Star Paving, and have the driveway repaired.