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Pre-Sorting Junk Piles Makes Removal A Lot Safer

by Clinton Stone

If you're a homeowner who has a bunch of old items that you want hauled away after cleaning out your house or finishing a DIY construction project, calling a junk service is really convenient. The company can send someone by to simply pick up everything so you no longer have to deal with it—to a point. Junk services are restricted somewhat because they can't haul away specific items. There's also another issue regarding how safe the junk is to touch if you live in an area known for poisonous spiders. Here are a few things you can do to make junk removal a lot easier.

Make Piles a Little More Specific

Instead of piling everything into one corner of your yard, put everything into a few piles separated by some category. For example, all concrete waste in one pile and all treated wood in another. Electronics should be separated out as well. This makes it easier for the junk removal service to see what they're dealing with, and it will reduce the time they have to spend at your home or worksite.

Remove Forbidden Items

The junk removal company will do further sorting—many take recyclable and green waste materials to the appropriate disposal and drop-off points—but your initial sorting makes it easier for them to tell if there's anything in there they can't take. It also allows you to remove anything that the company can't take well before the company even begins to look at the pile. Some of the banned items might be surprising. For example, the company might not be able to take empty propane canisters away. Oil-based paint might be another forbidden item. If you were to dump everything in one pile, the company would have to spend time looking through it first.

Avoid Those Spiders

In many areas of the country, neglected junk piles are perfect homes for spiders like black widows. Junk companies realize this, and their employees aren't about to stick their hands into the piles without looking. But if you can keep the junk well-organized and the piles smaller, then  it becomes a lot easier to watch out for those bugs. A large junk pile with a mixture of items can become unsteady and difficult to inspect. If you need more information about having junk hauled away and how to organize or arrange the items, contact a few junk removal companies to find out what their procedures are.